Confront The Challenge  ~
Step #1 of 8 to transform from SOS to ROI.

OConfrontTheChallengeh no; the car is running rough and making a loud noise AND we need to pull over now! The left rear tire has a puncture and is flat. Do we have a spare?

This is the SOS Moment—the painful and universally inconvenient realization that things are not as they should be. In business, this might be a broken system (e.g., quality, supply chain or customer service issues), or a gap in capabilities (e.g., too inefficient to match market pricing demands).

The actual chilling moment could be an angry phone call from a top customer or employee, or a government agency, or internal audit, or an attorney. It could also come in the form of a consultant report or market analysis showing declining market share, or a bearish assessment of share price.

Step 1: Confront the Challenge

Regardless of the source, it’s time to go heads-down, limit the damage, find the root cause, and install at least a temporary fix in order to resume operations. It’s time to take on the complexity monster!

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