RepairTheSystemYou’ve met the challenge head on! Next, it’s time to identify what in the system allowed the issue to occur in the first place and what in the system needs to change to prevent the issue from ever occurring again.

It turns out no one replaced the tires after 40,000 miles. We need to get a fresh set of tires, be on the lookout for foreign objects, and from now on only drive on well-maintained roads.

Step #2: Repair the System

Sometimes, issues arise from a flaw in the business system that needs to be fixed (e.g. supply chain, product design, operations, or customer service). The challenge is to take the time to create a repair (often in the form of a change initiative) that prevents future occurrence. Unfortunately, many organizations rationalize that since the issue has been resolved (for now), the fix can wait. Ultimately, they fail to fully install the repair and end up suffering repeated issues as a result.


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