TIreYou have confronted the problems and implemented permanent repairs. Next, you need to look at what specifically needs to be in place more permanently to take the organization where it wants to go. It’s about DEFINING the gap relative to future aspirations and needs.

This journey requires we go off-road. How about we upgrade to a set of beefy run-flat tires, so we aren’t limited to only the well-maintained roads?

Step 3: Build Capabilities

Organizations need to always be on the lookout for capability enhancements to ensure they not only fix the current business system but also are building the future business system in relation to their goals. But before you can build capabilities the right way, you need to know where you want to go.

Derived from goals, this effort, like system repairs (Step 2), includes defining an overall concept, outlining top-level objectives and scope, and identifying the team, budget, and schedule.



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