FourTiresThe perfect solution to the problem with the perfect plan and in perfect priority means little without the drumbeat of daily execution. Many corporate antibodies conspire to knock critical improvements off track, and team members can get distracted with competing priorities, lose focus, or worse—secretly reduce scope to make their lives more manageable.

What are we doing today, tomorrow, and the next day to keep focused on ensuring the new tires are shipped, installed and road-tested on time.

Step 6:

Focus Execution

At this stage, it is critical to manage the bandwidth of the individual teams. More than money or time, bandwidth is often the limiting element in improvement initiatives. Teams need to learn:

  1. Not to take on too much, but instead to focus and finish what they are doing so that an improvement can complete its implementation, “stick,” and yield intended results.
  2. Teams need to learn to manage changes so that pressure for scope-creep is exposed and adjustments can be made to ensure priorities stay on track.

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