Charting Your Course for 2019? Avoid these Pitfalls.

Yes, it’s that time of year!
Time to hit it hard to make your 2018 numbers and set your sail for the years to come.
But take caution. As you plan, be sure to avoid these alluring SOS-prone mistakes to steer clear of the jagged rocks:


  1. Winging It – a great planning session and process can be ultra-high-impact but requires a robust design and blueprint. You’ve invested the time and resources. Don’t be feeble. Do it right.
  2. Overlooking Alignment – great ideas, great plans, ok, but what about the team? They need to be heard, buy-in, and commit. Or else they won’t. Then what?
  3. Ignoring Momentum – implementation often fails if not “built in” to the process. Create an execution “slingshot” in your offsite meetings to launch off the start line.
  4. Starting Too Much – ok, you have a dozen initiatives all starting at once…you think that’s gonna work? Not! Instead, manage bandwidth, focus on a few (or one), and handcuff the rest…at least for a while. You’ll go faster. Guaranteed.
  5. Going It Alone – without an experienced, unbiased guide, it’s often difficult (or impossible) to stay objective, make clear decisions, and build huge confidence and ROI. Reach out

We love to help teams get clarity. It’s our superpower!

If a leader you know might be open to a conversation about how to build a killer plan for 2019 and beyond, please reach out to info@globalaperture.com. We’ll see you on the high seas.

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